Thursday, November 12, 2015


This is my little Tracie girl.  She came to our family at 23 months old.  This one right here was my buddy from the get-go.  She was glued to me and would cry if I even tried to go to the bathroom or to cook dinner.  She didn't want me to very far from her at all for a very long time.  We adopted her when she was 3 1/2 years old.  She has made SO much progress.

She loves to bake and is addicted to cooking shows.  She has a dream to one day own her own bakery or restaurant.  I asked her one day if her bakery was going to be "Tracie's Cakes" and she loved it.  She goes around telling everyone now that she is going to have a bakery called "Tracie's Cakes" one day.  So be on the look-out one day...she just may have her own shop serving the best of "Tracie's Cakes."  She is precious!  She's a bit of a perfectionist and strives to do her best.  This Momma is not a perfectionist so it's a little aggravating sometimes when she's in melt-down mode over something not being perfect, but I guess it will serve her well one day and that's why God has made her that way.

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