Friday, November 6, 2015

Buying gifts for my soon to be 15 year old...

Deidra turns 15 next week and I have surgery on Monday.  She texted me her birthday list.  She's swamped with doing theater performances all this week and so I'm going to resort to buying gifts through Amazon Prime since they will come in time.  What's on her list?  I'll show you...

                                                                  Little Buddha Lipstick

Oh...and she wants to take driver's training and she wants money.  Who doesn't want money after all?  She's getting harder and harder to buy for now.  Sometimes I really miss when she was still small and would sit and cuddle on my lap and she'd suck her thumb while we rocked and I read to her.  Oh how much simpler things were then?  I'm so not ready for her to be driving...I mean, I think I blinked and she grew up!!

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