Monday, November 16, 2015

Own Your Life Chapter 5

Just waking up from a 3-hour nap after my physical therapy appointment.  Feeling a bit groggy and hubby is making me coffee.  Coffee and a book go hand in hand for let's just jump in to Chapter 5 of Own Your Life and discuss looking to God as your life coach.  Owning God's training.

"I knew that emotions often dictate our decisions when life becomes challenging.  When that happens, we often quit.  In fact, we live in an era of compromise, and we're often encouraged to take the easier route and give ourselves a break...We also lose many prime opportunities for character his parent, I saw my role as helping him through his challenges, not removing them."  I loved hearing that Joel won the music composition.  Made my heart smile all through that example!  It makes me think of something very hard that I have been called to endure in this parenting journey. Parenting children of trauma is very difficult and I need my cheerleaders of other trauma parents sometimes to speak encouragement to me or let me know that I am not alone.  I keep telling myself that I am also my childrens' cheerleader and I will see them through this journey and we will not give up together.

"God had great plans in mind when He created Adam and Eve.  He renews those plans for us as He redeems us.  that is why He wants us to accept His training, even when it seems difficult....His discipline will yield the peaceful fruit of righteousness in our lives."  "God allows difficulty in our lives to strengthen our spiritual muscles."  I am so glad that God is with us through all of this, but I know it is necessary to receive that correction from God so that we can repent and turn from sin and get back on the straight and narrow road to Him.  I am so glad that He walks with us through this process as it isn't always easy.  Yet, I know that He truly knows what is best for me...all better than I certainly do.  We must seek peace in the midst of chaos to hear His voice and He will help us to flourish and reflect Him.

Lord, help us to trust Your ways.  Help us when difficulties become overwhelming to know that You are there with us.  Give us grace while we take baby steps and respond to your correction.  Help us to rest as You carry us through.  Amen.

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