Saturday, November 7, 2015

Surgery Monday

I am going to try to put up my book post on Monday morning, but am not making any promises for Monday.  I have surgery on Monday morning at 10 am.  So please be in prayer for me that all goes well.  It's been a little bit crazy as I was supposed to have had surgery already 2 weeks ago.  However, I had an abnormal EKG at my pre-op appt that prompted a visit to the cardiologist.  All came out ok and I was very much relieved.  With that being said, my new surgery date is Monday.  

Why do I need surgery?  Oh...back in 2012 I was cleaning my house and my 2 year old was helping me.  She was going around behind me with baby wipes.  Do you see where this is going?  Well, I turned around not knowing that she had left a baby wipe on the floor right behind me and my foot caught that baby wipe and I went a-skiing across my kitchen floor and had nothing to grab onto and I fell.  I felt it pop and crack and my knee moved.  I was home by myself with 4 kids as my oldest was gone at a friend's.  I had to get my Mom to come over to help me as I could not move.  My hubby and my father-in-law were an hour away at a storm spotter certification training.  I had to figure out how to get off the floor and it was not a fun process.  Finally my hubby got home to take me to the ER and they did an x-ray and said it was a sprain and that if it didn't get better in a few days to come back.  Well, I couldn't drive as it's my right knee and I required a lot of help running after my kids and on the day that I was supposed to go back to the doctor we had tornadoes in the area.  I finally determined I was just going to give it more and more time and it would eventually have to get better.   I tried to go to the doctor about 3 months later, but found out my insurance would only cover the initial visit of injury and they wanted $1500 just for an MRI that we did not have at the time.  So I gave it more and more time.  I finally got better insurance in August that will cover everything I need and  well, 3 1/2 years later...I'm finally getting it needs surgery.  I am looking forward to getting better and not having to baby my knee anymore.  I look forward to being able to run after my kids, not having to walk so slow to avoid it hurting, and being able to get down on the floor and crawl around to clean and not have to pay for it for days afterwards.  So, I just ask for prayers that all goes well Monday.  It's a day surgery so I will be home later.  Pray that my blood pressure cooperates as well as it goes up whenever I have doc appts and have to go in the hospital.

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