Saturday, November 7, 2015

Own Your Life Chapter 2

Let's hop into Chapter 2 of Own Your Life  and talk about Controlling the Chaos.  Owning Your Priorities and Commitments.  I chuckled at her description of the lady coming in late and saying "I'm so sorry I am late.  Today, all of the chaos consumed me and left me empty."  That is a vision of how I have been feeling lately.  Lots of chaos around this house.  Sally says "...she needed to move, step-by-step, toward a more reasonable and centered life.  Umm...yes please.  Another thing that I need to learn to pray about and ask God to help me move towards "living more simply, to move towards order, and to live with intentionality."  Sally says that "in order to move from chaos to order, we must make a plan that will move us away from a never-ending flurry of activities toward God's design for our lives and that we must identify what is draining us so that we can reset the pattern in our lives.  I know for me personally, I know some of those things, but I am unsure that I can change them.  That will make more sense to you maybe after some more posts from today.  But there are some things that I just need to know that all I can do there is to trust God and that I can't do anything in the situation but pray and I have to trust God that THAT is enough.

""Our culture encourages us to take on more and more, and busyness and distraction can be addicting."  I long for slow....busy makes me crazy and I notice that I get more snappy.   I need slow and quiet to recharge myself, when I have a hard time finding that it does cause chaos in my life.  I can see that it is draining to me.  I needed this today after feeling like I've been on empty for the last few days and still trying to pour into others with things that I don't have in me to pour into anyone else right now.

"What are the idols that steal your heart and pursuing God?"  I've been thinking about this one for awhile now so reading this in this book helps me to see that God really wants me to think about it.  Truthfully, I'm a procrastinator and I need to be better about time management and "intention."  My kids keep me hopping and busy, I watch too much Netflix or reading fiction.  Or too much time on Facebook.  I need to be more God focused.

"Unless we return to God's original design for us and listen to His wisdom, the confusing voices of culture, even Christian culture, will lead us astray."  That is an important reminder to me that I need to get back to starting my day in His Word so that I can hear his Words for me.  I'm convicted Lord and I will do better.  It is a choice, and I will do better at putting You first.

"Coming into contact with us should be like coming into contact with Jesus.  And in fulfilling these purposes, we find satisfaction and peace in our souls."  I want people to SEE my light shining for JESUS.   I want to pursue order in my life and it all starts with God's Word.  Thank you Lord for using this book to speak to my heart.  I will go and spend some time in Your Word now and pray about managing my time better.

"We are made to accomplish great feats of faith and courage and to live a life worth telling."  I needed those words right now...I have been enduring a pretty big storm lately, but God keeps reminding me that He is ever present with me.  Thank you Lord for speaking to my heart through Sally.

Lord, I pray that you will help each of us manage our time better to spend more time with You in Your Word and that You help us to discern what is truly important and what is not.  Help us to choose peace as we look to You.  Amen.

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