Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Own Your Life Chapter 6

Let's go to Chapter 6 of Own Your Life and discuss Resting in the transcendence of God and owning the mystery of His supremacy.

I loved her description of looking through the telescope at the star.  "Captivated by the beauty and elegance of its splendor, I wondered at the One who had created such beauty, knowing this bit of handiwork would be unobserved by the vast majority of people throughout the ages.  Still, the luminous star sparkled vibrantly as though it couldn't repress offering a refrain of worship to the Artist who had crafted it."  I absolutely loved that and it really made me spot and think.  He is so glorious that even the stars worship Him by sparkling and twinkling just so.  It also made me stop and think that I may not be noticed at all times, but even when I'm alone or out of someone's view, how do I still sparkle and shine just for Him?  That truly made me stop and reflect for a few minutes...

"mama, how can anyone see this (the shooting star) and not believe in God? that Sally's little girl asked...I wonder that so many times while looking at all that God has, rainbows, cloud, animals...that precious little baby...God is so above what we can even imagine and Sally says "owning a sense of wonder at God's will inevitably increase the magnitude of our faith."  It reminds me to stop and look at His wonder in creation all the more and truly appreciate all that He is...and acknowledge that He is more than I ever can understand and just appreciate that perspective that He above all else knows what is better for us and that He will work all things out for our good and that we are created for His purpose.

"What might God do through my life, in the power of the Holy Spirit, if I were willing to dream big and believe in miracles?  What might He accomplish through me if I would only throw off my cloak of worry and just enjoy the beauty, dance with the invisible music, and celebrate life?  I absolutely love that and want to make it a part of prayer and be open to His answer and be obedient to whatever He says.  Wow!

"It's only when we see with the eyes of humble faith and bow before Him that we can hear his instructions."  We need to be totally dependent on Him and oh how easy it is to forget that and I know myself that I am always trying to fix my own problems.  I need to remember to stop, be still, and's not about's all about Him and His will for my life and I need to be obedient to what He tells me.

I like her pointing out too of how she starts every morning with time for God.  I do that sometimes, but I need to be better about doing it all of the time. I also liked her explaining how she cultivated an attitude of gratefulness as I am still working on that one among all of us here in our family.  We kept gratitude journals for awhile, but we need to get back to doing that and truly being thankful over complaining as it does change your attitude.  Need to work on making that a habit that truly sticks to choose joy and thankfulness.

"Plan a time when you can get away from the concrete, noise, and demands of your world.  Look for a place in creation where you can rest your whole self."  I know just the place and am going to see about scheduling a weekend get away for me and my husband and seeing if the Grandparents will watch the kids.  Going to put that on the calendar for next year as a gift to our marriage.

Lord, I pray that You will take us away from daily pressures and demands of life to a place where we can see Your eternal beauty and the wonders of Your creation and truly see how Wonderful You are.  Give us Your peace.  Amen.

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