Monday, November 30, 2015

Things seem so complex to me sometimes...

I remember a time when you just picked up the phone and made a doctor's appointment.  Now a days, they want to verify insurance before you can even schedule an appointment, or they want a form filled out online to wait for the scheduler to call you back.  I'm trying to make a follow-up appointment for me...I tried a couple of weeks ago, but realized the other day that nobody had ever called me back.  I just filled out the form and am now awaiting the call back.  I am trying to schedule an ENT appointment for my poor husband who has always suffered from allergies, but nothing seems to be helping lately and it's only gotten worse, and my little Melina has a hoarse voice and the speech pathologist wanted her to be checked out by an ENT to determine the cause.  I told her it's been that way ever since she was born, but I said something to the pediatrician about it as my oldest daughter's voice is that way and I have an aunt that way too and he said it's not an emergency, but probably should be looked into.  So, I guess I need to schedule it.  The kids are all due home from school in a few minutes and I usually refuse to take phone calls after school because of the level of craziness in here, but I am now awaiting 3 phone calls to find out if and when the office can see us.  Makes me a bit anxious.  I'd much rather schedule these things during the day when my kids are at school.  Sounds silly right to worry over when they are going to call back?  Yes, I know...I'm a bit nutty.  I just wish things were a bit simpler sometimes.  This Mom likes simple.

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