Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Feed the hungry...

I have been hearing Jesus asking me to "feed the hungry" for awhile now.  I'd like to get my family involved so my kids can see how truly fortunate they are and I'd truly like to make a difference to those that are hungry.  I've been praying about a way to give back and give to the needy in our community and I've had some big dreams too of helping with missions.  I want God to use me and truly make a difference in people's lives.

A few months ago, we had a visiting priest from Cross Catholic Outreach come to our church and speak to us and I left with tears in my eyes...there was that voice from God again as well "Feed the hungry."  The Holy Spirit grabbed ahold of me and I heard it loud and clear. We gave some money to them on behalf of our family.

 When I was praying for a way to give back and tithe some of our business profits, my Facebook feed brought me back to Cross Catholic Outreach and their Christmas catalog.  I knew that God was telling me where to put our business tithes.  So, a portion of our business profits will be going to Cross Catholic Outreach. and I look forward to seeing how far God takes my dreams.  I'd love to participate in a big way one day.  I'd love to go and personally feed His people as well.  I'm leaving my BIG dreams in His hands.

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