Thursday, November 5, 2015


If you still need a copy of Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson you can click on the link and it will take you to my affiliate link through Amazon to buy the book.

Today, we will be discussing THE BEGINNING.  What Will Be the Legacy of Your Life?

When she asks straight away what legacy you will leave and what your story tells and how you invest your time, I felt convicted.  I'm not always the best at managing my time although I'm trying to work on that and I have ways that I am implementing those things that I will discuss at another time.  Now back to the book...(note, I get sidetracked

"We must pay attention to the decisions that we are making..."  Yes, I truly do get that.  The Lord gave me the word "intentional" when I was praying about my New Years Resolution this year...I have gotten a little better, but it wasn't until the kids went back to school this year that I really began to work on that a little more.  I'm havng knee surgery Monday so once I heal from that I really plan to get even more intentional.  That's another post though...(see, I got sidetracked again).

I loved her prayer of wanting to make a difference in the world on wanting to serve in Poland.  I would love to serve in missions all over the country and the world someday.  However, my own little mission field is right here as I serve my 5 kids in Mommyhood right now.  I think it's about babysteps and I will take it one step at a time until I eventually get out there.  I really loved that she got picked to go and I loved the quote of "I learned that God often does not work with the most qualified, but with the most available."

"I was merely a small brick in the foundation of a ministry that eventually reached countless thousands for Christ, but that one choice to follow Him transformed my life into a spiritual adventure."  I like to think that my own little household is a small little brick in the foundation of bigger things and it reminded me that I need to continue on teaching them all about the Lord and being kind and generous and in serving others so that each of our hearts on fire for the Lord so that we have our own spiritual adventures that we can give God the glory in.  I love that!  We really do need to put God first in everything that we do and make our lives intentional for His Kingdom!  I want to live my life completely for Him.    Let's all join together and be intentional together in this life we live.

I'll leave you with one last quote that I really loved "When we own our lives, we choose to make love the priority in our homes, our marriages, and our parenting.  From it flows the very legacy that God created us to fulfill."  I want to leave a lasting legacy of love for God and for all of our family.  Yes, Lord...I am all yours!

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