Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Surgery Update

I had my knee surgery yesterday afternoon.  I had some cartilage behind my knee that had broken loose from a fall I took about 3 years ago and was still causing me pain and some issues.  So they took care of that and buffed and reshaped my knee cap.  Learned I was a lightweight with anesthesia...came out of it and really had to focus on my breathing as I wasn't holding my oxygen stats very well.  However, I eventually got with it the more and more I came out of anesthesia and they eventually let me come home.

Today, I am still fighting off the grogginess so I've only been awake for short periods of time.  Apparently, my body is telling me I just need to rest.  I'm getting around ok and my hubby has been taking wonderful care of me.  So happy that he was able to work from home this week.  He is such a blessing to me!  He's a wonderful daddy too, so he's been helping with our 5 kids and was great at getting them off to school this morning as I was still not able to do much this morning, other than sign folders and do my little one's hair.  Giving myself lots of grace today and just trying to rest.  Just wanted to update my few readers that I do have so far.  :-)

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