Thursday, December 3, 2015

Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine Book Review

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a quick post about a book that I read that I really loved.  I've read her blog at  off and on for a few years now and followed Crystal on Facebook and now even on Periscope.  I love to listen to her scopes on morning motivation and her money making mom scopes too.  She's so humble and down-to-earth and she's somebody that I could really see myself being friends with in real life.  She's 1 of the couple people that I watch on Periscope almost daily.  Anyway, when her new book Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine came out a few weeks ago, I had to read it.

I loved all of her book, but I really loved where she said that "she wants to make a difference, to live each day as though it were my last, and I want to invest my life, my energy, and my time into things that have a lasting impact".  She wrote down a few of her goals concerning God, her marriage, her children and inspiring women and my heart teared up.  I've given myself some pretty big goals and a lot of mine were what she had written here.  God also keeps giving me a certain phrase about feeding the hungry and when I read about the vision that she shared with her friend for the orphans in South Africa, it really spoke to me too.  I just really enjoyed seeing how she isn't afraid to dream big and go for things and make an impact there in South Africa.  

I loved her chapter on giving back too and having that giving budget.  I want to help with family, friends, community, and even on an international level if possible.  I loved that she shared some ideas on how to do that.  Some, I've already done, but it's given me more ideas as well  I am a giver by nature anyway and it gives me great joy to give and make a difference with people.    I really love that Crystal is a giver too and is so down-to-earth and real with her readers.  She's somebody that I truly wouldn't mind meeting in real life one day.

Now to see where God leads me and my ideas as I begin to pray over them more and more.  Her book gave me a lot to think about and I highly recommend that you read it.
Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine (this is my affilate link )

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