Wednesday, December 9, 2015

5 reasons to start your day with God...

God has really been putting it on my heart over the past little while that I am to be intentional with my habits.  I have some things that He's been talking about and I think I'm going to run some challenges here to help me keep on track and anyone who wants to join me most definitely can.   The challenges are going to run for 21 days.   The first healthy habit I do pretty well in with listening to others preach about God or reading from a devotional or a prayer book almost daily, but I want to make sure that I am letting Him truly speak to me in reading His Word ever day and hearing what He wants to say to me.  So, we'll start on Friday, December 11 with checking in daily and establishing this daily habit will run through December 31st.

Why am I choosing to start with spending time with God as our first habit?
#1  Nothing else is supposed to come before God, so I want to start my day with Him
#2  I need His words in my life to keep me on track.
#3  If I keep my focus on Him, I know what His will is for me.
#4  It also helps me to see my blessings and what He is doing in my life.
#5  I can share the Gospel and be more encouraging to others if I'm in the Word myself.

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