Saturday, January 2, 2016

Praying for my children

My Mom got me this as a Christmas gift this year.  I woke up early and decided to come downstairs to pray and I opened up this book.  Oh, how it truly spoke to my heart and I love that the person that wrote it is also an adoptive mom.  I plan on making this a daily prayer book as I try to improve myself in the area of motherhood this year.  I loved it so much that I felt like I needed one for my marriage too.  When I get that one in the mail and have a chance to look at it, I'll write a post on that one.  I really did love this prayer book though and you don't necessarily have to be Catholic and say the rosary to gleam anything from it.  It just reflects on the life of Jesus and shows how as a mom, we can take things from Jesus' life and apply it to motherhood.

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