Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Own Your Life Chapter 10

We are in chapter 10 of Own Your Life and are discussing Tending Your Heart and Investing In Your Soul and Owning Your Emotional Health.  She convicted me right away with "You cannot pour out what has not first been placed inside."  Then she goes on to say "Women who grow more lovely with time have practiced pouring into themselves all that is excellent, wise, graceful, good, and true."  I loved her story of her grand adventure and that she said that "creating memories, planning times of grand celebration, and placing myself in the pathways of great people fill and enrich my soul, so that when others draw from me, they find interest, insight, fun, and wisdom."  It makes me want to plan fun adventures and take my family on fun memory making trips all the more.  It even allows me to dream big.  Memories can never be taken away from us and it always gives us something to look back to and share with others.  We were meant to enjoy life and this chapter just spoke to me and got me dreaming of places to visit and things to do and see all of God's creation.

"Owning the boundaries of what fills our hearts and minds must be a commitment that we honor every day.  When we constantly pour out our energy, time, service, and work for the sake of others, we must realize our need to fill back up so we can maintain our spiritual vibrancy, hope, and emotional health."  Here God speaks to me again, I must practice self-care.  It is a must with all that I have going on every day.

"Music actually improves the ability to concentrate, lowers blood pressure, and just brings a whole lot of fun."  I need to listen to music more often than just in the car.  I love it.  As a matter of fact, last week at BSF, I had a ton of fun singing with the girls around me.  We were in such harmony together that it brought a smile to my face.

"Building mental strength comes from developing a habit of reading every day...Reading is the primary way our brains take in ideas, build paths, develop connected thoughts, and expand our vocabularies and nuances of knowledge."  This is why I encourage my children to read 1 chapter a day and I want to get back to reading to them before bed.  One of my goals this year...

Lord, I praise you because You came to restore life to our bodies, souls, and minds.  May we be refreshed by Your Word, Your Creation, and all that we take in through our senses.  Lord, help us to become life givers within our homes, neighborhoods, and churches for Your glory.  Amen.

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