Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just had to brag on my hubby for a minute...

We've been passing all sorts of sickness around our household over Christmas break.  I had the kids go take their showers and baths last night after dinner and then I had them come down and I did an Aromatouch Technique "massage" on them last night.  It focuses on relaxation, building immunity, inflammation, and reaching homeostasis.  I just felt like they needed an immunity boost and they really enjoy getting them.  I put the nature radio station on Pandora while they get them and they just love it.  After they were all done, my hubby asked me if I wanted him to do one for was nice and relaxing and completely unexpected.  I returned the favor and gave him one too as he stayed home sick from work today.  It was nice though and I got a few minutes to feel pampered and loved too.  That is my healthy habit #2 that I am working on.

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