Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tonsils and Adenoids No More

Over spring break this year,  Melina had her tonsils and adenoids out due to getting strep throat so often.  She was getting it 1-2 times a month.  She was a trooper and refused to take the meds that the doctor prescribed for her pain, but she would only take motrin.  We finally figured out that the tylenol burned.  She spent a lot of time in Mommy's lap and she slept with me at night too.  I could see the pain on her face and she was pretty tempermental at times, but that was to be understood.  I think she has a pretty high pain tolerance.  It took her about a week to bounce back...we rocked a lot.  She'd get down to go play a little bit and she ate ok, but she just wanted her Mommy and so I didn't really do much but hold her.  Thankfully, Daddy was home with us too and so she went back and forth to Mommy and Daddy and we babied her all we could.  She hasn't been sick really since they've came out though, other than allergy related stuff and a bad upper respiratory infection since.

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